I’ve got a GIFT for you!

Yesterday was 25 of December, so Merry Christmas!!!!

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Amo le magliette a righe …ora vi dico il perché…

Guardate prima il video e poi vi spiego il perché …

Ebbe si penso che ci troviamo circondati in in mondo in cui nulla a più importanza dei soldi, e queste magliette mi ricordano quanto siamo circondati e siamo impotenti di fronte alle persone che sono più in alto di noi persone che hanno i soldi ma magari non sanno realmente cos’è il vero amore.

Cosa pensate sia più importante i soldi o l’amore ?!

-rispondete qui e ne parleremo tutti insieme!

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Dresden Row

I think is important to wear something cool, something people can see and say “WOW that’s wonderful, that’s great ! ” like this T-shirt from @dresdenrow .


Let me know what you think about !

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Your style depend on you…

Your style depend just on you… because only you have the power to decide what you can where today! But just If you are not a model ! LOL

Let see my shooting for LINDER APPAREL on my INSTAGRAM I put a pic everyday to give the pleasure to see how I like my work!

Today i’m happy so I will show you a pic hereee!!



Boots : ZARA

Pants :  ZARA

Shirt :  ZARA


Location : Cuneo

Discount Code for MUZMM

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I don’t know your dream..

I don’t know your dream, I don’t know for what you are fighting , I don’t know why you are what you are, but remeber this.. everything you will do be yourself and listen what your heart say.

Photograph : Silvia Bertola

Model : Joffrey_official

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Classy Men Accessorie

Hey guys! You want some new types of accessories for your outfit?!

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Life is perfect…

I’m not perfect…My life is not perfect but I LOVE it ❤🔝

Cit. joffrey_official

Shoes – Vans Old skool

Jeans – Zara

Jacket – Asos

Pullover – H&M

Location – Cuneo (Italy)

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Be awesome in what you do

To make many people know and like what you do, you have to be awesome in what you are doing.

Have a style different to many other people, have a style can make people follow you and start to wear clothes like you!

Cit. Joffrey_official


Clothes :

Jeans – Zara

Tee – Terranova

Shoes – Vans

Watch – Daniel Wellington

Bracelet – LeoMazzotti

Eyeglasses – Stingeyewear

Shirt – Zara

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