Dresden Row

I think is important to wear something cool, something people can see and say “WOW that’s wonderful, that’s great ! ” like this T-shirt from @dresdenrow .


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Life is perfect…

I’m not perfect…My life is not perfect but I LOVE it ❤🔝

Cit. joffrey_official

Shoes – Vans Old skool

Jeans – Zara

Jacket – Asos

Pullover – H&M

Location – Cuneo (Italy)

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You and Style

 Youcan have your personality, and you can have you style, but remember it’s have to be like your personality because with that you can have many great look!

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Your eyes can tell many things…

I thing the first things can attract you to a person are the eyes.

If there are blue or many other color is not important but is important how they attract you, how they say “see me and don’t turn to see other people”

Today I want to try If my eyes can attract you 🙈

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My first post of this blog

Ciao a tutti mi presento, mi chiamo Joffrey sono un ragazzo di 20 anni appassionato di moda e amante degli stili stravaganti,mi piace creare uno stile tutto mio e sembrare il piú diverso possibile dagli altri…

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