I’ve got a GIFT for you!

Yesterday was 25 of December, so Merry Christmas!!!!

I’ve got a wonderful gift for this Xmas, would you like to know what is it?

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Your style depend on you…

Your style depend just on you… because only you have the power to decide what you can where today! But just If you are not a model ! LOL

Let see my shooting for LINDER APPAREL on my INSTAGRAM I put a pic everyday to give the pleasure to see how I like my work!

Today i’m happy so I will show you a pic hereee!!



Boots : ZARA

Pants :  ZARA

Shirt :  ZARA


Location : Cuneo

You and Style

 Youcan have your personality, and you can have you style, but remember it’s have to be like your personality because with that you can have many great look!

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What is style for you?!

Che cos’è lo stile per voi? 

Per me lo stile,è arte, è un modo di mostrare se stessi ad altre persone senza usare le parole, con lo stile le persone che ti circondano posso dedurre il tuo modo di essere, se tutti avessimo lo stesso stile, penso che non potremmo distinguerci gli uni dagli altri…

Questo è ciò che penso dello stile …

Voi cosa ne pensate?

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